Thanksgiving Safety Preparations for Your Home


The weather is cooling in the Phoenix area, reminding us that the holidays are coming. Now is an excellent time to make preparations and to correct potential safety hazards which could ruin Thanksgiving.

If you plan to use a deep fryer to cook a turkey 

Many Youtube videos depict the dangers of frying a turkey in oil. You can find one of these at your leisure if you feel the need to know the reasons it’s so critical to use safety procedures. 

In light of that, we have a few basic pointers:

Put your table a minimum of ten feet from your house, garage, or utility shed. In the event of a fiery spill, it’s best to not have any building in the immediate vicinity as Thanksgiving is one of the fire department’s busiest days. 

Have your grease-approved fire extinguisher on hand before you cook. The five short steps it will take to put it away are better than the five long steps it will take to find it if you need it. Check the charge on it now. Replace or recharge it now if necessary, since you have time. Never use water on a grease fire!

Make sure the area you’re using is flat, stable, level, and large enough to accommodate the fryer. 

Lock up any curious pets before you start to cook. The turkey should be completely thawed, clean, and dry to ensure that it doesn’t come in contact with the hot oil and cause it to boil up. Lower it into an appropriate amount of oil very slowly. Use a thermometer to regulate the temperature of the oil if the fryer isn’t equipped with one.

Here is an excellent video by the Phoenix Fire Department depicting safe frying procedures.

If you are cooking a turkey in your oven

Now would be a good time to make sure your oven is clean and you have a pan which is the right size for your bird, plenty of oven gloves, workspaces (with good lighting!), and that the dishes and utensils you’ll need are well-organized and not missing. 

Overburdened electrical connections

I heard someone say the other day that they wanted to put a six-outlet surge protector on an extension cord in a newborn’s nursery. This kind of connection is known as a ‘daisy chain’ and isn’t a safe option. As much as we admire people’s ability to think creatively when it comes to electricity, the best thing to do is to think inside the box, especially when the house is full of people, and there is a potential for distraction.

Expand your electrical resources to accommodate needs of guests

Make sure your home is amply prepared when friends and family come to visit. We’re reasonably sure they’re going to need to recharge every electronic they own while they’re there, so if you’re adding electrical outlets for any reason besides those close to water or out of doors, consider installing some with USB ports.

Reminder: some guests may want to watch television. 



Candles are a beautiful touch for your holiday table. Never leave candles unattended, or place them in an area where they are likely to tip over. Candles shouldn’t be placed near curtains, paper, books, flammable decorations, or anything else that has the potential to catch on fire. Never allow children near candles, and trim the candle wick to ¼ of an inch before lighting. 

We hope you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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