Hot Tub Installation

Hot tubs have been an enduringly popular feature in many private homes. When a homeowner decides on the hot tub of their dreams,  there are several things which need to be addressed in the planning and installing stages to facilitate a successful outcome.

A hot tub generally requires a weatherproof disconnect GFCI box which has to be several feet from the hot tub. Once the installation/wiring path has been chosen and the area checked by a utility locator service, plans to start digging for the underground wiring can be made. 

A trench needs to be dug from the GFCI box to the hot tub for the wiring conduit. Unfortunately, most of the Valley has caliche-type soil, but skimping on the building code depth requirement isn’t an option; once the conduit is installed and the wires pulled, the inspector is going to come out and check the job; we want him to be happy. 

After the inspection, we’ll fill the trench and repair the landscaping. 

Next, we cut a hole in the toe kick of the spa, connect and run a flex conduit from the trench pipe, which we clamp to the concrete (or deck) and then run it to the spa control box, where we attach it and  connect the wires on that end. Then we’ll connect the wires at the GFCI Disconnect box.

Most spas require a double pole circuit breaker for the power. Once we shut off the main breaker, we can remove the panel cover and add an appropriate breaker. Some spas require a 30 amp breaker. All the way up to a 60 amp breaker. After we attach a flew conduit to the breaker box for the new wiring. 

The big moment comes when we fill the spa, test the system, and then shut the whole thing down until after the inspection.

The final inspection assures everything is orderly, so then we turn the system on, and present you, the homeowner, with an incredibly reasonable bill.

Since we’re licensed, bonded, and insured, and because our work is guaranteed, there will be no shocks, or even surprises, when it comes to the operation of your new hot tub. Most people are incredibly pleased to own a hot tub,, both because of the years of enjoyment a hot tub brings and because it adds to the value of your home.