Small Bathroom Lighting

People are drawn to them, these glittering bits of glass, to gaze, appraise, stare, and scrutinize. What are they? Bathroom mirrors!

In fact, mirrors are almost irresistible. Therefore, if a bathroom has bad lighting, the face in the mirror may be fraught with shadows, dark spots and the person end up wondering if they actually look like that?

No. But bad lighting will make even the most beautiful person look ghoulish and tired. The good news is that we can help.

The problem with most mirrors is that they require side lighting to do their job properly. That means that lights should be mounted on either side of the mirror, sometimes called ‘task lighting.' A homeowner can achieve a low-quality version of this in a pinch with overhead lighting which is at least 24 inches across, although, the lights in a star’s dressing room are always on the sides--with good reason. They project a more accurate portrayal of the subject. Also, bathrooms should have another kind of lighting, so-called ‘ambient lighting,' such as an overhead light, recessed lighting, or one of many other options to create another overlay of illumination.
*The folly of many beautiful bathrooms is they don't make the occupant look attractive.

 The folly of many beautiful bathrooms is they don't make the occupant look attractive.

The folly of many beautiful bathrooms is they don't make the occupant look attractive.

Back to the mirror. Want to get a good idea of what lighting should consist of in a bathroom? Look no further than the local hair salon or movie studio. Side-and-ambient mixes light up virtually all salons. Why? The combination of side and ambient lighting offers an accurate reflection.

Most larger bathrooms, even those without a window, usually have an overlay of light by sheer virtue of their size. But, smaller bathrooms are not only often neglected by builders when it comes to natural light, but they also get passed over for quality lighting with a good overlay. As a result, that downstairs guest bathroom creates an unfortunate portrayal of a homeowner and their guests. As a side note, when the owner tries to sell their home, potential buyers ALWAYS look at this bathroom first.  

While lighting doesn’t sell a home, great lighting can benefit a home and can make a great first impression in a competitive real estate market. “Something as simple as lighting has a huge impact on buyers,” a local real estate broker told us, “so I always turn on the lights and open the blinds.”

Whether a homeowner plans to sell their house or just wants to add some zing to their home, great lighting can not only make that bathroom stand above the rest, but it can also make the people look great.

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